You know what they say, necessity is the mother of invention. In this case, necessity is the mother of this post, because I am looking for a gorgeous luxury vegan handbag for myself.
I’m not always smart and quick, so it took me one month of research before thinking of putting my finds together in a post like this. Fast learner and action taker, right? Yeah, right.
If you are thinking “Wow, she’s been looking for a vegan bag for one month and she still hasn’t found one”. You’re right, but I am looking for THE PERFECT VEGAN HANDBAG. Like I want it to be THE ONE. I want it to be the perfect addition to a sleek and minimal look, and I want it to be the thing that makes my outfit. So I think you’ll agree this calls for a thorough, long, meticulous research.
But rejoice, cause you’ll reap the fruits of my current obsession. I’m sure that one of these 10 vegan luxury handbags is the one for you. And hopefully, I’ll make up my mind and choose one already!

10 Gorgeous Vegan Luxury Handbags

Mechali is a relatively new brand on the market and I’m already loving it. I am a sucker for a good quality and minimal handbag and this one checks all the boxes. It’s available in other colors as well (yes, I’m talking to you “Does it come in black?” girl!)
Vegan Luxury Handbags - Mechaly

Get Mechaly vegan handbag here for $145 (other colors available)

I still have a charming little goth princess in me and I cannot hide it. What’s not to love about a skull embossed in your stylish handbag? Definitely an easy way to make a statement. Or a nice way to say “Don’t fuck with me” without being rude. Trust me, it works!
Vegan Luxury Handbags - Mechaly

Get the Skull Tote for $145 here

Haaa, Angela & Roi! The epitome of all brands that are good, do good and give back, all at the same time. This stylish bucket bag gives back to the ASPCA that helps mistreated animals. It’s produced in a sweatshop-free environment, it’s cruelty-free and it’s sold on Bead & Reel, our favorite ethical fashion boutique (btw, they give back to a different charity every month so you’re doing double good if you buy Angela & Roi from this website!)
Top 10 Vegan Luxury Handbags

Get Angela & Roi Bucket bag here for $195 (other colors available)

Bead & Reel again, selling Gunas this time. The Bridgette Handbag is a color block satchel that I absolutely love in every color (I mean, the gray one is gorgeous but have you seen the yellow one??). It’s minimal, practical and doesn’t go unnoticed, that’s for sure.
Top 10 Vegan Luxury Handbags

Get it on Bead & Reel for $149 (and give back to the charity of the month!) Other color combinations available.

Let me introduce you to Gunas the Brand a little bit more in depth. You have just seen they make gorgeous bags, and the next two vegan handbags will confirm your first impression. But did you know that this is the very first 100% vegan brand in the US? They’ve been around since 2009, always vegan, always cruelty-free. I chose this particular bag because it reminds me of a super classy great-aunt of mine. Don’t you love a nice vintage vibe?
Top 10 Vegan Luxury Handbags

Get the Monarch vegan luxury handbag here for $165 (other colors available)

This is obviously a Birkin bag, but instead of being made of dead animals it’s made of PU, the lining is made of recycled bottles and metal hardware is recycled too. Thank you, Hermes, we think we’ll pass this time and go for a Gunas bag instead!
Top 10 Vegan Luxury Handbags

Get it on Gunas for $250 (other colors available)

Matt and Nat is probably the most famous vegan luxury handbag brand around. Their bags are made of high quality PU whenever possible, recycled nylons, cork, and rubber. Linings are always made of recycled plastic bottles (21 water bottles are recycled for each Matt and Nat bag!).
Top 10 Vegan Luxury Handbags

Get it on sale here for $115 (was $165) Other colors available.

Yet another Matt and Nat beauty. This one is a little bit different and it’s perfect for the avant-garde fashionista who doesn’t want to compromise on ethics. See how sturdy this bag looks? Because it really is. Matt and Nat bags are made with durability in mind because they know very well that sustainability is mainly in how long something will last before it ends up in a landfill.
Top 10 Vegan Luxury Handbags

Get it here on sale for $108 (was $155) Other colors available.

If you’ve been around for a while you’ll already know how much I love edgy fashion. This Stella McCartney Falabella wins every prize in vegan fashion imho: it’s super edgy, it’s gorgeous, it’s comfy and it’s vegan. And it’s on sale too!
Top 10 Vegan Luxury Handbag

Get the fringed Stella McCartney Falabella on sale here for $957 (was $1350)

And last but not least, the super classic Stella McCartney Falabella. Black, with chain details, sleek as hell. Sporting a Falabella makes you a luxury vegan fashion advocate. And who wouldn’t want to rock such a title?
Top 10 Vegan Luxury Handbags

Get the classic Falabella on sale here for $957 (was $1195)

What’s your favorite vegan luxury handbag? Do you know any other brand I should look into in order to find the perfect bag?
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  2. […] plenty of colors available. And if she’s not into this type of bags, check my post about luxury vegan handbags to get some […]

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