Among all interior trends, hipster home decor is what I love most. I’m not particularly keen on hipster fashion, but how can you resist moustaches and cassettes when it comes to your house?
Even if you live in a shared house, you can totally make your room look better with hipster home decor. It doesn’t take a lot of money.
First thing first, look for furniture in second-hand markets or at junk sales. You will have to work on your “brand new” furniture to make it safe for your house, so manual skills are a must if you like this style. Reclaimed furniture, musical instruments and vintage chairs are a must for a house/room hipster revamp.
But it doesn’t have to be that hard: you can start with small objects. Small decor items make a huge difference in a house atmosphere, without breaking the bank.
We have searched the web high and low for the perfect hipster home decor on the cheap, and we found it! Uncommon Goods is an online retailer based in Brooklyn, we’ve already talked about it on this blog. Why? Because we really love their mission: Uncommon Goods endeavors to feature unique designs and handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people. So it basically ticks all the boxes for us: it’s cruelty-free, ethical and sustainable.
It’s also a certified B Corporation. Honestly, I’ve just learned what a B Corp is, while I was lurking the website for hipster gems. B Corporations use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems, which means they meet a rigorous standard on wage levels, environmental impact, and they give back to the community.
Cool cool! I love how many companies are choosing to give back and go the sustainable way. Because you know, that’s the only way to go unless we want to destroy the planet we live on once and for all!

Hipster Home Decor

I have picked 10 top items for your hipster home decor revamp, but you can totally check out more items online and see what you can find. I’d love to see your picks!
A set of pillows for your bed and a nice rug are a perfect idea if you live out of your bedroom. Who cares if the rest of the house is baroque or modern? Give your room a hipster revamp and invite your friends over for a movie! I think that personalized items are also a great idea, especially if they come in the form of a cool cassette rug! You can check more personalized home decor cool items here.
Hipster Home DecorHipster Home Decor  Hipster Home Decor
We have some cool ideas for your home office as well. You don’t have a home office? Just decor your desk area with these cool props. Who doesn’t want a owl eyeglass holder? If you’re need of a fun housewarming gift, a record shaped rug is definitely a cool choice. Or you could go for the personalized tape rug above. I know I would love a cool rug for my new apartment!
Hipster Home DecorHipster Home Decor Hipster Home Decor

We tought abut your living room, too. Spice things up with a bunch of colourful record coasters or Lego electric light blocks. You can build your own custom light! I’m also in love with this fire escape shelf. How cool is it?

Hipster Home Decor Hipster Home DecorHipster Home Decor

Last but not least, the most hipster item of them all! 100% cotton fabric pillow cases with a nice black rimmed eyeglasses silhouette.
Do you need more hipster home decor inspiration?  You can find a ton of it on Pinterest. I’m sure you already thought about it, but here’s a link that takes you straight to the hipster home decor goodness!

Hipster Home Decor

Do you love the hipster interior trend? How is your house/room decorated? Let us know in a comment below and feel free to share this post with your friends if you liked it!

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