What is a freedom lifestyler? It’s a person that decided to leave the corporate world and start a business on his own. Whether it’s a blog, a consulting business, a service based business or even an e-commerce shop, today the way to live a freedom lifestyle are many. If you really want it, of course.

Living a freedom lifestyle means being free of travelling and working from anywhere in the world. It basically means not having just one nest, but potentially many. You only become a freedom lifestyler if you really hate being attached to one place or one “tribe”. And if you absolutely love visiting new places but most of all, experimenting with new ways of living.

Freedom Lifestyle Top 5 Destinations


Come on, don’t tell me you have never thought of renting a house in Maui and leave everything behind for a good 6 months. You could look for luxurious Maui vacation rentals on the beach or live as a local and learn the hula dance. It would be a dream come true and I’m sure it would massively improve the quality of your work. I bet that those logos you’re designing would have that little bit extra that could make a huge difference to your business.

Top Thing to See in Hawaii: Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park.
Top Thing to Do in Hawaii: snorkeling. Where else can you see the Green Hawaiian Sea Turtle in its natural habitat?

Freedom Lifestyle Top 5 Destinations


I have been to Greece twice and I think I will go again next year. I think Greek islands are the perfect place for a creative retreat and for any entrepreneur who needs to balance relax and work. This is something you will absolutely find in Greece: people are very kind, they mind their own business a lot and the landscapes and beaches are absolutely stunning. Mykonos, Paros, Santorini, Zakynthos are just some of the most famous islands you can visit. Last but not least, the food is very good!

Top Thing to See in Greece: Mount Athos. You’ll never see anything like it anywhere else in the world.
Top Thing to Do in Greece: drink Ouzo. You might not survive the experience, but it’s really good :P.

Freedom Lifestyle Top 5 Destinations

Photo by Glen Scarbourough


Koh Samui and Phuket are two of the most popular destinations among freedom lifestylers, mostly because Thailand is quite cheap. The weather is warm, the locals are friendly and its beaches are absolutely amazing, the perfect tropical paradise.
Top Thing to See in Thailand: Khao Sok National Park.
Top Thing to Do in Thailand: island hopping. You’ll get to see some amazing places you’d never see otherwise.
Freedom Lifestyle Top 5 Destinations

Photo by Mike Behnken


Ok, I mean Marrakesh. I haven’t stopped hearing about the wonders of this city since one of my best friends moved there a few months ago. Marrakesh is the perfect place to go if you love busy places that are peaceful at the same time. If you rent a room in a beautiful riad you’ll be able to rest and work in a quiet place and if you need some bustle you can just go to the Medina. I think that Marrakesh is the perfect place for creatives like graphic designers, illustrators, painters. With all its art and bright colours you will get tons of inspiration!
Top Thing to See in Morocco: Marrakesh of course!
Top Thing to Do in Morocco: go on a desert excursion. But for the love of animals, leave camels alone!
Freedom Lifestyle Top 5 Destinations

Photo by Esin Üstün


Disclaimer: my opinion about Italy could be a bit biased because it’s my home country ;). If you’re not a huge fan of islands, sea, tropical places and warm weather, Italy is your go-to destination. Of course there are plenty of sea places in Italy but we’ve already had enough of them in this list.
The weather in Italy can get quite warm too, but it highly depends on where you go and what time of the year. You could spend some time in Tuscany, where the weather is handsome, the hills are an out-of-this-world green and the wine is just the best. I’d also suggest the pre-Alps and the Alps. Stay in Trentino Alto-Adige if you love quiet places, nature, long walks and lakes. Stay on the Garda Lake for a peaceful retreat and nice relaxing boat trips.
Top Thing to See in Italy: if you do just one thing in Italy, go visit Venice.
Top Thing to Do in Italy: drink wine! Again, I might be biased but I think Italian wine is the best.
Freedom Lifestyle Top 5 Destinations

Photo by Edwin Van Buuringen

What about you? Would you love to live in Morocco or Hawaii? What other places would you add to this list? Let us know in a comment below and don’t forget to share this post if you loved it!

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