What is a vision board? It is the most amazing thing you could ever hang on your wall. I guess […]
Before i start, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Did you have a good Nye party? Wether you went out and got wasted […]
I honestly never think about myself as a woman. I never think that I’m stronger, smarter or anything “more” just […]
The interwebz is chock-full of articles on how to enhance your spiritual life and make your life better in the […]
Halloween: my favourite holiday. Did you have any doubt? I don’t really feel festivities, but when it comes to Halloween… […]
To love your blog is the beginning of a life-long romance. Oh well, Oscar Wilde’s version was slighlty different, but […]
Here it comes, the dreadful month when everything comes back, up and running again. Relax is over, summer is over, […]
I have always been keen on mixing fashion with my other passions. One of these are gemstones: I never wear […]
 How many times have you heard that “exposing” yourself on the internet will make people relate to you, and therefore […]
Shallowness / consciousness I’m talking about the two trends that are raging these days in the fashion and fashion blogging […]