Today we’re going to talk about parties and home decor. Stop worrying about your costume for a second. Organizing a party is […]
Here we go again. Tis the season to wear beanie hats, and you still haven’t found the perfect shape. I’ve […]
Here we are, it’s October the 29th and you still don’t know what to do for Halloween, who to be […]
Every Halloween party there are at least 5 witches, 3 zombies and a couple of mummies in the room. It […]
I don’t want to let summer go, so I’m going to pretend it’s still here by writing a post about […]
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Beanie Hat Diy Tutorial: Make it the Right Shape! Have you ever struggled with finding the right shaped beanie hat? […]
Halloween is just around the corner, no matter how long you think you still have to come up with a […]