Finally, a vegan Spring shopping guide ON A BUDGET!
I hear you: a lot of ethical and cruelty-free brands are on the expensive side, and there’s a good reason for that. Until producing ethically and without animal-derived materials becomes the norm, the good brands will always be a tad more expensive than high-street shops.
Ethical brands:

  • don’t have big production and distribution systems to cut the costs
  • they can’t purchase materials in huge quantities so they can save
  • they hate waste
  • they want to pay the fair price to their workers

But we want to support them, right? Right! So here’s my vegan Spring shopping guide where I surfed the internet and collected all vegan clothing and accessories in the $10 – $100 range. Yes. It’s time to revamp that wardrobe good people!

Vegan Spring Shopping Guide

A little disclaimer: in order to stay in the $10 – $100 range, you will find items in this list that are not from 100% vegan brands. This is because of what I said above. But not all evil comes to harm: when we make conscious purchase decisions and buy the good stuff from the “bad” guys, we are sending a message. (example: if you only buy H&M Conscious, you’re casting a vote with your money and sending a message to H&M. Imagine if everyone did the same. They would be forced to produce everything sustainably and only use fair-trade, organic cotton!)
Now, you won’t find any BAD BAD guys in this list anyway. I know who they are, you know who they are, and we avoid them, right? We’re all just trying to do less harm possible here, and it is definitely doable!
Happy guilt-free wardrobe revamp!


Less than $30:
Less than $50:

You Are Beautiful- Women’s Tank

LIMITED TIME – We Are The Solution – Women’s Tank

Fashion Activist Fundraiser Tee
Strength Bamboo Tank Top

Open Heart Top by Saved Kisses

Less than $100:
Sale Daily Tunic
Crochet Back Tanguis Tank
Bianca Knit Shell
I love Alternative Apparel because they sell bundles: it’s an awesome way to save money and revamp your wardrobe with some organic cotton, cruelty-free and ethical basic tops!!


Less than $100:
Watercolor Midi Pencil Skirt



Vegan Handbags

Handbags tend to be a bit more expensive, but if they’re quality, they last forever! I am suggesting Gunas here because I have one of their bags and it’s top notch quality, I love it.
These vegan handbags are currently on sale, super bargain (and PS, nothing says vegan Spring shopping like a yellow/black cute handbag!)
What's KNOT to love
This is another option if you’re more practical rather than the vegan chic type:
Leaf Leather Shoulder Bag – Black
Leaf Leather Shoulder Bag – Pink
Leaf Leather Stash Bag – Turquoise / Black

Spring Shoes and Sandals

What vegan Spring shopping guide would this be without some amazing sandals suggestions? Summer is around the corner anyway, so the smart thing to do is to invest in a pair of ethically made and cruelty-free sandals!
These are easily my new favorite shoes and I have literally lived in them last Summer. They’re super comfortable and they’re made of recycled yoga mats!



Sport & Activewear

Hey sporty ladies, I see you!

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