This is an unofficial sequel to the post 16 Amazing Vegan Clothing Stores Online. While the first list has a lot of great sustainable stores, I felt it was lacking alternative stores with unique styles and pieces that can really make a statement. So, here are five alternative stores that with vegan or ethical clothing. They’ll make a killer impact if you know what I mean!

1. Bad Vibes (not in business anymore)

Bad Vibes is an ethical clothing brand from Los Angeles that breaks the cliché that ethical fashion is boring! They hand make amazing velvet, faux leather, mesh, faux fur and vintage renewed for kickass alternative babes.

2. Y.R.U.

The name says it all, why are you not already a fan?
“YRU designs are inspired by freedom & individuality “reach for the galaxy, it’s not as far as it seems”“
Y.R.U. is an unofficially vegan brand or “accidental vegan” brand. They create ridiculously cool designs, huge platforms filled with flowers and dolls, sequins, studs, velvet. They’re truly designed for alien fashionistas. They tout the phrase “join the future” which is emblematic of more than just their designs but their vegan ethics!

3. Love Child Clothing

“We endeavour to share the message that through every aspect of life, we can live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives without denying that right to another being. We are teaching and encouraging people to open their minds and take responsibility for the choices they make, from purchasing clothes, to entertainment and the way we eat. “
On The Love Child you can find great vegan and ethical clothing brands like Kerold D, Her Pony Clothing at the life changing Love Child Clothing. And when I say life changing I mean 1. I’m a dramatic sod and 2. who knew there were ethical and vegan website finding amazing brands for you and slotting them all together under the same shipping price.

4. Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision is primarily a vintage and renewed store for kickass, psychedelic babes. If you like retro fashion this is the store for you. Even so, they have tones of brand new finds that often come from ethical stores like Bad Vibes! Take a look and you might find a one of a kind, gorgeous piece. You deserve it.

5. Kerold D.

Speaking of Kerold D. they deserve their own mention due to being an absolutely kickass alternative, vegan and ethical clothing brand that stands up to the likes of Kill Star and Bad Vibes.
“Our concept and production is that we strictly craft each of our garments in Los Angeles, including all fabrics. Making our premium quality finer and always staying true to our philosophy of Vegan Peta approved.”
Unfortunately, they’re still working on their website. We’re excited to see the direction their brand will take when they go live. Their previous collections seem beautifully bohemian and Stevie Nick’s inspired with bell sleeves, lace and fringe. Which, you can find at the previously mentioned Love Child Clothing.
There you go! I hope you’re all set with your shopping fodder with stores and brands that you don’t have to be ashamed of! It just goes to show that there are plenty of sustainable, vegan and ethical stores around – even for alternative fashion lovers – you just have to search out the gems.
Speaking of gems and searching, have you found any amazing ethical, sustainable or vegan stores on your journey? We’re always looking to top-up our list. Let us know below!
All images have been found at and are the property of their respective websites, Y.R.U. and Tunnel Vision.

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  2. Check out Grape Cat Vegan Clothing and Accessories at

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