You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming. And it’s coming quickly! We’re already having warm and sunny days here in Southern Europe. A couple of days into this weather and I realized it’s time for a wardrobe revamp.
Down with the old, up with the new (I probably should stop with the proverbs already). It’s time to get coats, boots, and scarves out and get some Spring vegan accessories in.
Every time a new season is about to kick in I find myself dwelling on what style I should adopt. I love switching things up, I like surprising people (and myself) with clothes you’d never think I’d wear, or dying my hair a color I used to hate just a couple of months ago. Life can be pretty boring when you’re not experimenting with your style, am I right?
This Spring I decided to go all in with colorful accessories. Yep! I’ve been through a long and dark Winter of black and gray clothes mixed with gray and black accessories. How joyful.
Are you feeling the pop of color for your Spring accessories? You will, after reading this post.

7 Colorful Spring Vegan Accessories

Top 7 Spring Vegan Accessories - Charlie Butler Hue Collection

1. Shoes

Do you remember Charlie Butler and their classy unisex line? Well, forget about it. There’s a new collection in da house, it’s called “Hue” and it’s for ladies who need a pop of color in their Spring wardrobe! They couldn’t find a better time to get this new collection out if they did it on purpose.
Such a lovely combination of top quality vegan leather and canvas, femininity and tomboy, classy and fun. I can totally picture myself hopping on the streets, sun up in the sky, flowers blooming and a pair of these polka dots Oxfords.
Top 7 Spring Vegan Accessories - Charlie Butler Hue Collection
I think it’s time we ditch the poor quality vegan shoes, especially for warm weather. I say no to sweaty and sore feet and I say yes to shoes (hand)made to measure in a super soft, light and flexible material. Vegan leather doesn’t have to mean cheap plastic-derived materials and aching toes. It can mean a pair of Charlie Butler and a pair of happy feet!
You know what’s the best part? For about $69 USD, you can get a pair of handmade vegan shoes, made specifically to fit you perfectly, delivered worldwide with FREE tracked shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Use code styleonvega10 at checkout to get the $10 off and watch the magic happens!

2. Belts

I just can’t find a decent outfit to wear a belt during Winter. Sweaters are too baggy, or too long and there’s no way to give belts justice. Fall and Spring, on the other hand, are perfect for experimenting with belts. Let’s show the world that gorgeous belts don’t have to be made of leather. Look at this super cute bum bag by Hipsters for Sisters, sold on Bead & Reel.
Top 7 Spring Vegan Accessories

3. Bags

Wearing a colorful bag is my favorite way to add a pop of color to any outfit. It’s easy and it always works. I have lots of fun matching my bag to my shoes, sometimes I even match a scarf or sunglasses to them. You might say I’m a color match junkie. You’d be right.
Top 7 Spring Vegan Accessories

4. Purses & Wallets

You might think she’s an all-black kind of girl, with her black vegan leather moto jacket and her black nail polish. But then she reaches in her bag and gets her purse out… and it’s an embroidered colorful purse! You didn’t expect that, didn’t you? Gunas NYC doesn’t only sell gorgeous bags, they also have a pretty cute range of colorful purses. And who am I to stop you from checking them all?
Top 7 Spring Vegan Accessories
These are some cute and colorful wallets. You can find them on Grape Cat, a vegan boutique that carries much more than wallets! Make sure to take a good look around on their website.
Top 7 Spring Vegan Accessories

5. Scarves

I know I suggested you got all your scarves in a box and forget about them until next October. Stop right there you rebel, you might still need those lighter scarves. But what if they’re so dull and dark and dead you just want to cry when you look at them? You – get – some – colorful – ones! You knew I was going to say that. Here, have a look at some colorful ethical, vegan and fair-trade scarves from Bead & Reel:
Top 7 Spring Vegan Accessories

6. Sunglasses

The sun is not a shy faint ray of dull yellow anymore. It’s getting brighter, days are getting longer and let’s be honest, your nights are getting longer too. So how to hide the fact that you had one too many drinks last night, and that your face is the color of the sidewalk you’re tiptoeing on? The answer is not hiding behind a dumpster if God forbid you meet someone you know. The answer is a pair of sunglasses so bright they will draw all the attention on them.
Top 7 Spring Vegan Accessories

7. Lipstick

“But lipstick doesn’t belong to a vegan accessories list, Elisa!” I hear you say. Guess what, it is in a vegan accessories list so I guess it does, huh? Deal with it. And deal with the fact that the burgundy lipstick time is over. It’s time for some bright pink, orange, pastel pink and glitter lipsticks! Ok, maybe ditch the glitter.
Top 7 Spring Vegan Accessories
What is your favorite Spring piece? Tell us in a comment below.
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Top 7 Spring Vegan Accessories

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4 Responses

  1. April says:

    I found this through Pinterest. I’m a sucker for anything polka dot, so I couldn’t resist taking a peek at your post. I don’t regret it. Your picks are great (though I’m a little heartbroken those polka dot hotties are out of stock) and I’m interested in seeing what else your blog has to offer.

    • lucy says:

      If you like Polka dot, you can check out where you will find a lot of small pouches under the Kawaii collection have Polka dot print on the back (the fronts are cut dog and cat print, really cute.) They are all vegan.

  2. Wow! Love the shoes. Super fab. 🙂

  3. lucy says:

    This is my first visit and I really like it. The wallets were designed by LAVISHY. I have one of their elephant wallet. Really good to carry all things including my cell phone. 6 years now and still hold up well–almost new. Love the scarfs, I am a sucker for prints, colorful prints.

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