Extra Winter layers make it easy to neglect your skin care regime. Let’s be honest, personal grooming in Winter is almost non-existent so moisturising probably isn’t high on the priority list. Why would it be when the rain is pounding the footpath and you have the option of shaving your overgrown legs or pushing the snooze button on your alarm.
With indoor heating, low humidity weather and icy temperatures, Winter can leave your skin thirsty and crying out for attention.
By the time Spring arrives your skin is either flaky, dull or itchy. Maybe all three if you decided to use Winter as a Hot Chocolate marathon and hibernation session.
So, how do reverse our neglect and get skin glowing and looking its best?
A few simple steps is all it takes and you will be flashing your Lily White legs in no time.
5 Steps to Spring Skin
A stubborn Winter chill may cause the temptation for steaming hot showers but stop right there; this is causing damage to your skin and is one of the worst offenders for drying it out. Turn the heat down to a moderate warmth and reframe from using any harsh soap-like products as it will only help to irritate your already sad skin.
There are a few ways to remove your dead skin and get your glow on. You can do this with your favourite body scrub, a DIY brown sugar mix or with exfoliating tools such as gloves or dry brushes.
Make sure you listen to your skin. The drier the skin the more exfoliating required. You may want to do this a few times a week to get the best results and then reduce as the weather warms up.
Whatever your preferred method of exfoliating, spend a little extra time scrubbing top to toe. Don’t forget to do a facial scrub while you’re there. You may as well do the whole lot in one go. Make sure you rinse well. Nothing worse than grit in places it shouldn’t be!
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5 Steps to Spring Skin
Dry off with a soft towel and apply your preferred moisturiser immediately.
Again you can use your favourite products or you can DIY it. Go for the Coconut oil or a cream that is enriched with Vitamin E or Aloe Vera. This will help it to cool and soothe the skin while feeding it with essential nourishment.
Lather your body and allow it to absorb before getting dressed. Don’t forget you may need to use something a little heavier like a Shea Butter if you really have let the skincare thing go a little longer than you should have. As Spring warms into Summer, you can use a lighter moisturizer but ensure you combine a SPF 30-50 sun cream or it is included to protect skin from those harmful sun rays.
Your body is made up of an average of 60% water, so while Winter lends itself to Red Wines and double espresso lattes in front of the fire, your skin will show how dehydrated you really are. Start drinking the daily recommended dose of water and you will see and feel a difference in your skin within as little as a week.
A combo of eating vitamin rich foods and increasing your water intake will help to flush out any impurities and make skin feel supple and smooth. You are what you eat!
Step 5: TALK TO ME
To keep that healthy glow, it is important you listen to your skin. Ensure you have a routine that works for you and alter as you need. Skin types change as does the Seasons. If you are unsure what is happening, book to see your Dermatologist.
Prepare your skin now for Spring!
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  1. These are great tips! I’m in Nigeria where its boiling, so I feel more pressure to have great skin as there are no winter hats etc to hide under. I’m going to try and drink even more water and exfoliate!

  2. Robin says:

    Using sunscreen on the face is a must. I usually go with the high SPF. I believe it has saved me years of aging. Great tips by the way.

    • Elisa says:

      I use a bb cream with a SPF, I think it’s enough when you just go about town. Of course I use 50+ SPF when I’m sunbathing! Especially on the face 🙂

  3. Lisa Hill says:

    Nice article! We can take best care of our skin by following these simple steps. I will keep these all tips in mind. Thanks and keep sharing.

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