In the last year, I have been breathing my way towards a certification to guide others into the most misunderstood spiritual practices in our modern world.
I already know what your thinking…
“I like the idea of meditation, but actually doing it is a whole other story”
I am not a meditator. My brain doesn’t stop thinking”
“I can’t sit still, It’s not in my nature.” (As you look down at your phone to check Facebook)
Meditation is difficult because it’s a practice that goes against everything we have ever been taught. How often do you find yourself hustling to prove yourself? What about the endless hours  you put in at work, for your family, running errands and trying to keep up with all the deadlines?
Our society teaches us that in order to be worthy, successful & accomplished we need to be busy.
I know your curious about meditation because you clicked to read this post. Deep down there’s a nudge that questions your chaotic lifestyle. A deeper part of your soul that longs for peace, stillness, reflection…connection…
Ah yes…now were getting somewhere!
Imagine if you could have access to that everyday, whenever it feels right. Moments intended for you to go from a human ‘doing’ to a ‘human being’. Presence is such a gift when we choose to show up in each moment as it comes. Meditation is not a ‘goal’ or something we set out to accomplish. Make this the one practice that you do for inner peace instead.

Meditation for Beginners

1) Create a soulful, sacred space- This is powerful stuff and it will have an impact on whether you make it a regular practice. Invest in a cozy pillow or chair to sit on and add all the things that inspire your soul- Your vision board, moon-infused crystals, angel cards, fresh flowers, affirmations, lavender candles. I want to go there now…
2) Find a comfortable position- You don’t have to sit in lotus; a simple cross-legged position with your hands resting gently on your lap will do. You can sit in a chair either on the very end of the seat with your back straight, or all the way for added support. I don’t recommend laying down as you are guaranteed to fall asleep.
3) Set a timer- On your phone for your desired length of time (5-8 minutes will do) and make sure you have a soft tone that let’s you know when your session has concluded. There are a lot of great meditation app timers out there if you want to get the full experience.
Meditation for Beginners
4) Connect with your anchor- Now that you have found a comfortable position and have removed the obvious distractions, you are ready to start. Close your eyes and begin taking slow, deep breaths in through your nose. Use your breath as an anchor point to keep you focused, and notice how your inhales and exhales feel similar to the ocean tide flowing in and out.
5) Your mind is designed to think- Even the most experienced meditators have thoughts during meditation. This is something you’re going to notice right away. You focus on your breathing and suddenly ALL those thoughts creep in.
This is completely normal and I still experience this! It’s part of meditation.
No need to analyze… just acknowledge and send the thought on its way. This is going to happen a lot, but just continue returning back to your anchor point each time this happens.
I am going to add a massive bonus tip that I believe is the most important of all!
Meditation is a practice, a process, and transformative experience. Commit to it daily and you will see it unfold. Go set your timer for 5 minutes right now and comment here with your reflections. If you crave more soulful experiences like this in your life, you can sign up on my website for inspiration straight to your inbox. I would love to hear from you!
Remember… it’s a journey.
Soul, Freedom & Namaste,
Jen Traxel

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