I hadn’t realised it was Spring until I had to move my clock forward a couple of days ago. If you live in the northern hemisphere you know what I’m talking about: getting to 7 PM with still plenty of light is such a relief! You feel like the day is not over and you still have a ton of energy to do things! The downside is that I’m never sleepy these days, but this also could be an upside. More time to be awesome! ;D


Spring is wonderful, flowers, sun, green, lollipops and yada yada but it can also be very fatiguing for our bodies and minds. How to embrace spring as a “rebirth” moment? As you may know, I LOVE fresh starts: Septembers, New Years, Springs… You have to love these little pushes we can use to improve and relax even more.

10 Tips to Kickstart your Spring

1. Get off that chair. No, seriously. I can see you with your butt stuck to your desk chair, lazy and probably a bit sick with hay fever or some other seasonal thing. You need to get in the kitchen and drink a glass of water, take a walk from your room to another, do a couple of sun salutations (ok, I’m a neo yogi and I’m in love! You can do a bit of stretching if you don’t do yoga!) You and your body need it.

2. Now get out of the house! Not just to get a coffee or walk around your block; I mean go to parks, go to open air cinemas, take a walk in the center of your town, go to the beach (even if it’s still too cold to take a bath: seaside in spring it’s amazing!) or go to a concert. Just ring that friend you haven’t seen in a while and go get a beer, now!

3. Revise your beauty case. Chances are that the foundation you use in winter is useless in warm weather: maybe it’s too heavy, or it’s just too pale. Get the right make up for each season; maybe it’s time to buy a waterproof mascara, or a SPF foundation to protect yourself from the sun while you look flawless. Get a lighter moisturizer, buy some colourful nailvarnishes and eyeshadows, throw that plum lipstick in the bin!


4. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. That depends on where you are based, so look for fresh fruit and vegetables in your market (avoid supermarkets if you can) better if it’s a bio market! Some seasonal fruits and vegetables: grapefruit, edamame, new potatoes, oranges, pea greens, strawberries, avocados, asparagus, artichokes, zucchini, lettuce, pineapples, mangoes, cherries and apricots (late spring). And you can have carrots all year long they’re always good for your body!

5. Drink a lot of water. No brainer! I like drinking lots of herbal teas because it’s still not so warm and I really enjoy them. When it gets warmer you can always drink cold herbal teas: try to infuse two bags of green mint tea in 1lt bottle of water overnight. You will have an amazingly tasty tea to drink in the morning! Use stevia instead of sugar if you need it: it’s much better for your body!

6. Enter a summer course. This is another suggestion I give a lot; I love learning new things and when I’m not reading stuff all over the web and out of a pile of books, you can find me at some seminar or lesson. Actually going out of the house and meeting people who share your interests is a great way to welcome the warm weather. Start planning now and attend a course this summer! (or now, no one will stop you!)


7. Plan your holidays. Plan some unusual holidays! If you don’t have a big budget, try some house sitter jobs, or cruise and boat jobs. Plan a road trip, a bike trip, a hostel European tour, a holiday to Asia! Get your thinking hat on and plan the holiday of your life! (You could get inspired by this sort of Google Street View but with a random option that takes you to random places all over the world. Make the universe choose for you!)

8. Dye your hair. I reiterate this one on every “tricks&tips” post I write! Spring could be the right time to dye your hair a crazy colour like lavender or turquoise. Or maybe your hair is very damaged from winter cold weather and you need some quick fix: dye your hair with henna and they will get healthier while slightly changing your shade!

9. Sunbathe. Soaking in the sun is the best way to wake you up from the cold months: sunlight is going to give you more energy, positive thoughts, happiness and overall wellbeing. Go for a walk, sit on a bench or lay down on the green grass in a park! Your body, mind and spirit will be thankful! It’s also a good idea gradually getting ready for the beach 😉


10. Read a good book. This will help you getting away from the computer or from your problems, even if just for a while. You can either enjoy a novel as a quick getaway or start reading books for your personal growth. That’s exactly what I’m doing now; I’m reading The Power of Now because I’ve read and heard about it literally everywhere and I felt “ready” to read it only lately. I’m also reading Reinventing You, a very interesting and understandable book about changing your career path and renovating your personal brand. I highly suggest both books!

What do you do to emerge from winter lethargy? What are your spring rituals? Share them with us or let us know which one you liked most in the comments below!

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  1. Shauna says:

    Thanks for the great post! Spring is the time for a fresh start since it symbolizes rebirth and renewal.
    I also have a blog, please check it
    if you like.

  2. Elisa says:

    Thank you for stopping by! 😀 I love spring! I’m embracing it wearing colors, sparkling scents and laughing out loud a lot 😀

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