Red lipstick? Certainly classy but rather ordinary. What about green lips? or grey? or blue?
When you dig into edgy styles there are no limits to your fantasy, but sometimes it is difficult to make dreams come true.
That’s where Melt Cosmetics comes into play: this bold cruelty-free makeup brand is bound to fulfill your most unconventional makeup fantasies.
Bold Cruelty-free Makeup: Melt Cosmetics
Born in the States from Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar‘s minds – two no ordinary girls, as they like to call themselves – Melt Cosmetics is the perfect mix of quality, the unexpected and love for nature. The brand is young, but the product range is getting wider. At the moment, their line includes 14 peculiar, ultra-matte, vanilla cake scented lipsticks to give alternative lips what they have always deserved!
To quote their words: “While we are opposites, we shared the same vision of the perfect lipsticks. We constantly talked about what this imaginary lipstick would look and feel like…”
Let me show you some of Melt Cosmetics shades:
Bold Cruelty-free Makeup: Melt Cosmetics - Dark Room Lipstick
Dark room is a dark berry with cool undertones, deep and sophisticated.
Bold Cruelty-free Makeup: Melt Cosmetics - Bane
Bane. Black, black, black, the blackest lipstick ever.
Bold Cruelty-free Makeup: Melt Cosmetics - Space Cake
Space Cake is a bluish-gray, not for the faint hearted.
Bold Cruelty-free Makeup: Melt Cosmetics - Blitzed
• Blitzed, their newest lipstick, a perfect teal-green for Spring and Summer.
Melt lipsticks are absolutely matte, but creamy and easy to apply. They last hours releasing you from constant touch ups.
They also offer two different eyeshadow stacks, each one featuring four shades. Each eyeshadow is placed on a magnetic disc, so you can stick 4 of them together and bring them with you. I love this sleek and innovative packaging that allows you to bring around how many shades you want to without any boundary like in the ordinary palettes. Each stack costs 48 $, which probably sounds like a lot for 4 eyeshadows, but the pans are HUGE  (3.57g each whereas MAC pans are 1.5g each) and the colors are insanely pigmented.
Bold Cruelty-free Makeup: Melt Cosmetics
Dark Matter: completely matte, it is perfect for deep smokey looks but you can also create a light and classy everyday make-up. The four eyeshadows are:

  • Blurr: a soft beautiful blending/eraser shadow
  • Unseen: a cool-medium delicious caramel brown
  • Enigma: a beautiful rusted red-brown
  • Dark Matter: the most pigmented pitch-black

Bold Cruelty-free Makeup: Melt Cosmetics
Love Sick: a very peculiar choice of shades, it could throw you off at a first glance. They seem hard to mix, but once you start using them the magic happens. Each shade beautifully matches the next one – you just have to go with it and let the colors flow through you! The colors are:

  • Promiscuous: a beautiful color changing violet-blue! Use it alone, or combine it with black to reveal a completely different shade!
  • Fixated: a gorgeous matte grey
  • Amelie: a perfectly peachy gold suitable for eyes, highlighting and cheeks.
  • Love Sick: a beautiful ultra-matte burgundy-red

I created these looks with the Love Sick palette:
Bold Cruelty-free Makeup: Melt Cosmetics - Erre Roscia
Bold Cruelty-free Makeup: Melt Cosmetics - Erre RosciaBold Cruelty-free Makeup: Melt Cosmetics - Erre Roscia
All the products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals + gluten&paraben free. Vegan products are clearly labeled under product details; all the ingredients are listed here!
You can buy Melt Cosmetics products exclusively from their official website They ship internationally so you can get your bold cruelty-free makeup wherever you live!
Truly Yours,

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4 Responses

  1. Ramona says:

    and as always im tempted to find that black lipstick and try it 😀 thanks for introducing that brand!

    • Elisa says:

      Hey Ramona!! I think that I’ll try the Jeffree Star black liquid lipstick first, even if these Melt Cosmetics are quite enticing ;D I have the Jeffree Start Redrum shade and it works wonders. My next makeup purchase will be the black one! Honestly, I can’t wait. I used to own a YSL black liquid lipstick that wasn’t that black, but it’s not cruelty-free anyway so finding a good cruelty-free black lipstick sounds like heaven to me! As always, thanks for dropping by darling 😀

  2. Nancy says:

    That blue lipstick with dark eyes looks amazing! xx

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